How to disagree: Creating a safe space for creative tension

Nils Norman Haukås

Lightning talk - in English

We knowledge workers live by our smarts, which is both a blessing and a curse. If we're not careful we risk creating a workplace where people are too fearful to ask questions or suggest improvements. For each new hire we need to prove ourselves that the workplace is in fact a safe space to ask questions and be vulnerable.

In this talk I'll share some opinionated techniques on how to foster a workplace culture where people feel safe to disagree.

Key points include:

1. How we can use some meeting techniques to avoid group-think and spark productive disagreement.

2. How sharing imperfect and unfinished work is a strength. 

3. How senior colleagues can lead by example.

I'll argue that good creative tension make good ideas great, and makes the workplace a more fulfilling place to be.