Git for the rest of us

Pål Grønås Drange

Half-day workshop - in English

Are you embarrassed to say that you don't really know what to do when git screams "CONFLICT"? Or that you don't really know what the different commands do?

Have you never used git, or even other revision control systems?

Typically, a git conflict comes at the worst time possible: you are done with you work, and you just want it to be merged so that you can either go home, or start on something new.  And on top of that, you are afraid of losing your work that you might have spent weeks on.

We never really practice our git workflows, we often just end up slaves to the tool.  I'll be your guide through the git workflow and we will be resolving the conflicts, coming out on the other side as no longer mere mortals, but true gitters.

Target group: people who either haven't used git yet or trembles prior to merging.

It is ambitious, but the goal is to, during these three hours, to get to know these commands:

* init
* log
* status
* diff
* show
* add
* commit
* reset
* clean
* rm
* mv
* restore
* stash
* tag
* blame
* filter-branch
* bisect
* branch
* checkout
* switch(?)
* merge
* rebase
* cherry-pick
* reflog
* clone
* remote
* push
* fetch
* pull

Primarily for: Developers, Tester/test leads, Project managers, Architects, UX specialists, Security professionals, Product developers, Managers, Scrum masters, Agile coaches, Designers, Others

Participant requirements: A laptop with Git (Bash)