Make Your Own Robot!

Thea Øen

Martine Oppegaard Jakobsen

June Aarem

Short workshop - in English

Make your own robot out of a milk carton and a micro:bit. Coding is a basic skill everyone should master at some level.

The workshop is meant to inspire people to learn coding or teach others to code. The project is a lot of fun, and suitable to teach young or not-so-young people about programming. It is also a low threshold for people on IT teams who do not normally code as a part of their workday.

No matter the motivation, starting small and safe is a great way of learning about coding and trouble shooting. The workshop will provide the parts needed that are not mentioned in the requirements, to complete the workshop.

Target group: Designers, testers or people a part of the team who do not usually program.

Requirements: A laptop (with USB port) for coding. One empty and cleaned milk or juice carton for the robot.

Duration: The workshop is divided into three parts and will take 1,5 hours to complete. 30 people can attend, resulting in 15 groups and 15-30 robots.

  1. Intro to the workshop, and some cues about how to arrange your own workshop.
  1. Prepping the gear, and creating the robot. The team will be provided with all necessary tools, where the first task is to cut out the design of the robot and glue all the part together.
  1. Programming the micro:bit. The coding will be done with the help of the editor"> There is an option to choose between Blocks or JavaScript. The instructions are using Blocks which is an easy drag and dropof elements. 
  1. Connect robot and micro:bit. The last step is to connect the wires to the micro:bitand robot and finally make it come to life by moving its mouth. 



  1. Further development of the robot. If there is time to spare, there is always the option to code more, change up the robot and explore what else is possible with the help of micro:bits.


Happy coding! 


Primarily for: Tester/test leads, Project managers, Architects, UX specialists, Security professionals, Product developers, Managers, Scrum masters, Agile coaches, Designers, Others

Participant requirements: A laptop (with USB port) for coding. One empty and cleaned milk or juice carton for the robot.