10 things I learned from a decade in the software industry.

Lubaba Farin Tanisha

Lightning talk - in English

Is there one secret key why some companies are expanded, and others aren’t? Could culture gap restrict achieving a goal? How likely is it that things will go wrong? Are you sure that you have already met the most difficult person? During the past 10 years, I worked for companies where things move fast, and where it’s impossible to avoid bureaucracy. I worked for fintech, aviation, robotics, graphics and broadcasting software companies. Dealt with people from east to west. Worked alone and worked with teams. Teams in the same and other geographical location. I saw companies getting sold and expanded. When the recession hit hard, I also saw companies shutting down and found myself fired the next week after my wedding. I recruited people and was sometimes happy and sometimes disappointed. With my positions, I wore multiple hats. Sometimes it was daunting, at times it was rewarding. In this lightning talk, I will dive through this journey and pick 10 things to share with you. Are you ready?