Animations with React: Introduction to Framer-Motion

Bendik Bjørndal Iversen

Stephen Ramthun

Caroline Odden

Short workshop - in English

Have you got some experience with React, but never been able to make that menu appear in the awesome way you've always wanted? Perhaps you've got lots of experience making things move with CSS animations, but you want to learn how (or if) a modern React animations library would make your life easier? Or perhaps you just want to have fun and learn how easy it is to animate elements in React using a modern animations library?

In this workshop we'll give you an introduction to one of the newest libraries for creating animations with React: Framer-Motion. You'll get hands-on experience by solving tasks we've set up for you: You'll start out with a React app resembling a card game, but where all the elements are static. It will be your job to create those animations to be able to actually play the game!

Primarily for: Developers, Architects, Product developers

Participant requirements: We only require that the participants bring a laptop. The workshop can be done in the browser or, if they prefer it, locally on their computer.