Fun and games with Svelte

Eirik V├ągeskar

Johannes Moskvil

Half-day workshop - in English

Svelte is a promising, novel approach to Javascript, designed for speed, short source files and tiny bundles. Among its many selling points are ease of learning and quick re-renders without a virtual DOM. Current big-name users include The New York Times and Godaddy.

In this workshop you will learn the basics of Svelte by implementing some simple games. Each game will teach different aspects of Svelte, such as animation, reactivity, data fetching and storage. You will be taught by an enthusiastic frontender who has used Svelte both at work and for hobby projects for the last nine months. The workshop is suitable for both frontenders and designers who can code.

Primarily for: Developers, UX specialists, Designers

Participant requirements: A computer with a working node.js setup. We will probably let them download the git repo beforehand to let them check whether everything works as expected.