How I built a website and made it completely inaccessible

Vegard Haugstvedt

Short talk - in English

During the fall of 2019, I worked on a really unique project. I was to build a website (a webshop, actually), that was to be fully accessible, and then add as many accessibility bugs as possible. Sound weird? It was! It was also really fun, and I learned a lot. And all of it was implemented in just over a month!

The inspiration for the project was W3C's "Before and After Demonstration" ("> ), where you can switch between accessible and inaccessible versions of five types of webpages. But the design of these are old fashioned, the functionality limited and in general the website was not very relatable as the calendar approached 2020.

So we set out to build a more modern version, with the lofty goal of being "the new gold standard for accessibility", a site where users could test complete scenarios and one that could be used both in education and for verifying how many issues automated accessibility testing tools can find.

In this talk, I will share our journey with you, exploring different accessibility issues, user testing, changing requirements and other topics we encountered.