Software is eating the world and housebuilding and real estate is the next dish on the menu

Torbjørn (Toby) Larsen

Lightning talk - in English

Real Estate is the worlds largest asset class and represents enormous value in any society around the world. But the way we imagine, develop, deliver and maintain our buildings has not changed much and productivity growth has been horrendous compared to other industries. Construction and operation of buildings is also accountable for approx 40% of worldwide GHG emissions, so a sense of responsibility to innovate and improve should be clear and present. 

In this talk I will give a quick introduction to how Mestergruppen, a leading residential house builder in Norway, believes industrial housebuilding will play out.  Digitalization is not only transforming the way we design, construct and deliver the buildings that we live and work in. It also redefines the very notion of what we consider to be a good «home» and an attractive «workplace».

The presentation will cover how concepts and technologies such as collaborative BIM, parametric design (AI), digital product configurators (AR/VR), modeldriven construction sites (AR/VR), sensor based data capture and monitoring (IOT) and a digital twin architecture will enable and drive transformation of the entire value chain of housebuilding and real estate management.