How we quality control Android applications at NRK TV

Jelena Spocova

Lightning talk - in English

Maintaining a high level of quality for an Android application can be quite a challenge given the large array of operating systems, device types and screen sizes available.This is compounded as the application grows in complexity. As with any system, it’s important to maintain good Unit & Integration test coverage - and this is usually not too difficult.

UI and System tests, however, can be non-trivial when taking into consideration the multitudes of available frameworks. In this situation, how much time do we spend evaluating each framework? How much time do we spend developing and integrating them into our CI flow, and how do we make sure we get value from doing so?

In this talk, I will be showing how we have gone through this process for both the Android, and AndroidTV applications for NRKTV. I will mention which frameworks we use and why, where and when we run these tests, and what value this has given us. Hopefully, this can inspire others to invest time and energy to try and achieve a similar level of quality control in their applications.

For a more detailed dive into the frameworks we use and how our tests are written, see">my blog post on Instrumentation testing of Android apps.