The world of UX for VR

Natalia Machuca

Camilla Strandenes

Short workshop - in English

Suggested by Mette Waagsbø, Camilla Strandenes, Keith Melling, and Natalia Machuca


VR (Virtual Reality) is considered one of the most powerful mediums as it's able to trick you to brain to think that some VR experiences are real. 

We will go through the steps of planning a VR experience and testing methods to ensure good VR. 

Seeing that VR is a new and fast-growing area, we will be focusing this short workshop on how important it is to set aside time for some good quality assurance, so that the end users can get a good use of this new technology. Yes, you know what we mean, usability testing your VR application! Now that’s hot!

If you have ever wondered on how in the world a VR application can be tested in a professional way, we got you covered!

In this workshop, we will take you on a journey on how to use user ability to test virtual reality technology.

Have you ever wondered if you are developing something that the end user, will actually use?

Or maybe you are just curious on how VR can be used in different areas, projects to help people with different problems?  Since VR is so powerful, a good user experience is needed. A bad UX in VR can cause nausea and confusion. 

This workshop will give you the answers to all those questions!

We believe that when new technology is introduced to the marked, it is important to understand how the user will accept this, and what you as a developers or testers should have in mind when you are creating your application.

This will be a good introduction on this new technology and why it is getting so popular in different areas, we will use our own developed application and let you dig into the UX world for VR.

We will give you some simple examples and tasks, so that you can try out for your own, and experience this new way of developing and testing!

This workshop will not only give you a good insight on VR technology, but you might be inspired to use more usability testing on other developed applications, and software that will hit the end user/customers.

Primarily for: Developers, Tester/test leads, Project managers, UX specialists, Security professionals, Managers, Scrum masters, Agile coaches, Designers, Others

Participant requirements: They don’t need to bring anything except from a lot of enthusiasm and curiosity!