Managed Serverless Appserver Containers: MicroProfile, Quarkus, and Cloud Run

Mads Opheim

Rustam Mehmandarov

Short workshop - in English

So, you need to have your Java app deployed and available for your users fast, and you would like to do as little managing, wiring, and infrastructure work as possible. How can you achieve that? Well, you go serverless with your containers. With an app server. A quick app server!

Join us exploring the possibilities with MicroProfile and Quarkus on Google Cloud Run. Bleeding edge Java!

Scared of the bleeding edges, or vendor lock-in? Don’t worry, with MicroProfile, you can switch to another app server with no changes to your code.

In this workshop, you’ll

  • Get to know MicroProfile, Quarkus, and Cloud Run
  • Try a couple of MicroProfile features
  • Deploy a simple application to your favourite app server
  • Switch the app server to Quarkus
  • Deploy the app to Google Cloud Run – a fully managed container service
  • (optional) Combine it with Prometheus and Grafana, and see if it makes sense in a serverless environment
  • (optional) Compare performance with a few other app servers with the same MicroProfile code
  • (optional) Add JWT and security

Oh, and as promised, there will be little wiring and infrastructure. So, you don’t have to know things like Kubernetes or Istio to enjoy this workshop. We’ll let the Cloud handle all of that for us.

Primarily for: Developers, Architects

Participant requirements: - Computer with JDK 11+ - A GCP account (the free version is fine)