Making Sense of Chaos - The missing link in todays innovation processes

Lars Petter Aase

Short talk - in English

The process of abductive sensemaking explains the creative prosess, leaps of faith and groundbreaking new ideas.

Designers, developers and business people are raving about insights and solutions. No one talks about the essential step between these stages; abduction & sensemaking. There are often data points and citations from stakeholders, but how this information is synthesized determines the outcome of the solution. Not the data points themselves.

There is little awareness of how qualitative insights are processed into ingenious and disruptive solutions. The danger of unconscious approach to abduction & sensmaking is rearly discussed. The result is mediocre and obvious products and services.

Learn the abductive sensemaking process of manipulating, organizing, pruning, and filtering data in the context of a design problem, in an effort to produce information and knowledge.