Learn how to apply circular strategies to design for impact

Idun Aune

Half-day workshop - in English

80% of businesses wants to become more sustainable, but no more than 30% actually have done something about it. Business are struggeling to see how to make the changes in direction of circular business models. As designers, we have the tools make complex problems undertandable and we all have a responsbility to use our superpowers to positivly impact society. 

This workshop gives you an introduction to how to perform a high level supply chain assessment, and becoming aware of how you can apply circular strategies to transform you products or services. 

Idun Aune is a Senior Service Designer currently working in Idean, Oslo. Idun has worked with clients like the Norwegian Defence Estate Agency, NAV, Oslo Municipality, Gjensidige Insurance and Directorate of e-health. 

She is passionate about taking responsibility as a designer to building circular futures using Planet Centric Design.


Primarily for: Project managers, UX specialists, Product developers, Designers

Participant requirements: Nothing.