How to build sustainable salable value based teams

Hussam Ahmad

Short workshop - in English

While many business cases are usually clear, many companies struggle defining the right teams to tackle the challenges they work with. This leads often to unbalanced team or portfolio structures. The unbalance between supply and demand results into unhappy company and employees and unhealthy working environments. One of the best ways of dealing with this issue is to design teams based on Value streams.

A Value stream describes the flow of a “value” from a requester to a receiver. The value may change form during this transfer. In manufacturing this describes the flow of a product to a customer. Value Stream Mapping visualizes the process, assigns products and then man power to bring the products to the customers. In Lean movement we witness better team constructions, communication and more effective collaboration as results of value based teams.

In this workshop, Hussam Ahmad will guide us through on what is Value based teams, how to map your value streams and how to bridge the value streams to teams.

Keywords in the discussion:
- Operational and development Value Streams
- Leans budget
- Waste Management
- System thinking

Primarily for: Project managers, Product developers, Managers, Scrum masters, Agile coaches

Participant requirements: Open mind