Should we be concerned about the security of our smart home?

Rabbi Alam

Lightning talk - in English

Internet of Things (IoT) is crafting yesterday’s sci-fi today’s reality for us. Today’s world IoT devices are making our lives more efficient, energy saving, comfortable, and less costly. However, same technology is making us vulnerable towards malicious actors to target us while we are within the comfortable confines of our homes.

The reality of IoT security is pretty bleak. Many manufacturers of smart home appliances don’t know how to secure IoT devices against cyber threats; many don’t care and are focused on functionality; and yet a huge number of IoT devices don’t even have the supporting infrastructure to run security solutions. Moreover, some of them don’t even have updating mechanisms. Last but not least our negligence as a consumer.

The fact that IoT is making the Internet ingrained in some of the more critical aspects of our lives such as health and city infrastructures makes the situation worse. However, this doesn’t mean that IoT is a failed initiative rather we must take IoT security seriously.

In this talk I will tell you where some of the most serious threats are being discovered and how AI and machine learning can rescue us.