Fruitful Design Patterns in Test Automation

Varuna Srivastava

Short workshop - in English

Participate in this workshop to learn how to put together the advanced concepts of an API test in a framework that is scalable, robust, easy to read, and eliminates the brittleness in your checks. We will be sharing our real-time experience of how we migrated our testing approach, design and framework when our application was migrating from monolithic to microservices architecture.

You will be given practical hands-on experience on preferred design patterns while designing a framework and on completion of this interactive workshop you will leave with your very own example automation framework that demonstrates design patterns in the test automation design. We would design a framework in Java language.

Outline/structure of the Session:

  1. Basics of rest principle.
  2. Api architecture and types of api testing.
  3. Do’s and Don’t’s of api testing.
  4. Create a framework 
  1. Add e2e functional tests using APIs. 
  2. Introduction to design patterns and error handling.
  3.  Brief on how can a framework be enhanced

Key takeaways:


  1. A robust and scalable framework with the advanced principle for api testing.
  2. A selection of design patterns for the designing framework.
  3. A framework which handles backward compatibility of api's.


Primarily for: Tester/test leads

Participant requirements: Laptop/ Java 8 installed