Building framework for UI and API testing

Aditi Mulay

Half-day workshop - in English

When starting to write automation tests from scratch, the most difficult part is to come up with a framework that satisfies your application's testing needs. It is easy to come up with a proof of concept to show that a particular tool can be used for testing but when working on a complete testing solution, it is difficult to decide on and select specific tools that work for you. Testers tend to get lost in the framework design, requirement details and tool choice. 

As part of this workshop, I would like to take automation testers on a journey that covers determining the testing toolset, setting up the environment (IDE) and building of a framework that can manage frontend, API tests and also check accessibility. This will involve determining the test strategy, design and features that the framework could provide. Starting with baby steps, I would like to walk through how the framework can be enhanced for future testing needs and also use coding and automation best practices. 

Primarily for: Developers, Tester/test leads

Participant requirements: Prerequisite: Participants will need laptops This will require basic knowledge of Java.