Colossal Voice Adventure

Sigmund Hansen

Half-day workshop - in English

Let’s play with Dialogflow and Google Assistant and build a small adventure game reminiscent of 70s and 80s text adventures. We’ll explore how to build intents and context in Dialogflow, and with it a Google Cloud Function in Javascript to handle the game logic. You’ll get a quick introduction to how voice controlled apps work in general, how we can build a Dialogflow app and the data Dialogflow provides in requests to a handler endpoint. And then just by saying: "Ok, Google! Talk to Colossal Voice Adventure," you'll be taken on an adventure of a lifetime. After this workshop, you will be able to build simple voice based apps, that can run on Android devices and Google Homes. With a bit of effort, the Dialogflow APIs can be used in other clients, like native apps on iOS.

Primarily for: Developers

Participant requirements: Just their laptop. If they have an Android phone with the Google app, they can test the voice app on the phone instead of the simulator.