How Open Source Works

Hans Kristian Flaatten

Short talk - in English

Open Source is eating the world. Over 95% of the top 1 million websites runs on Open Source software. Instagram was built by a handfull engineers and valued to 1 Billion dollars. An average Node.js application contains 800 npm packages, 99% of which are open source. How did we end up here, where not long ago the overwhelming majority of software was proprietary to nearly all of it becoming open source? And how are some of the largest Open Source projects like Kubernetes, Python, PostgreSQL, Node.js made?

Hans Kristian Flaatten has been an Open Source contributor and advocate for all of his technological life ranging back to the golden days of PHP content management systems. He has contributed to some of the largest projects and been a member various working groups at the Node.js foundation, responsible for test and release of official Node.js versions as well as the official Docker image with millions of world wide downloads.

In this talk Hans Kristian will go through some of the most important milestones in the history of Open Source, it's importance in our digital society, and shed some insight into how some of the worlds most popular Open Source projects are organised and developed; and even give some helpful tips and tricks if you want to start contributing – it might not be as scary as you think it is!