Web Application Performance Tests through the lenses of users

Bart Szulc

Kasia Balcerzak

Half-day workshop - in English

We're not going to show you what tools you have in your disposal to perform performance tests of web applications.

There are many of them.

We're not going to show you how to perform tests with those tools. What types of tests there are. How to model traffic.

Most likely you're already doing that.

We're going to tell you why the usual way of performing performance tests is not enough, and what you can do about it.

When a person enters your Web Application to buy something how does a performance of single request that you constantly fire withing your performance test harness translate to that user experienced performance? Hard to say? Definitely. That's why we argue instead of measuring performance of requests measure interactions.

We're going to do a brief introduction into the topic of perceived user performance. How you can build a test harness based on available open source tools in Java, and use it to measure experience closely resembling what your user experiences.

You will learn how to generate test data in runtime that will help you test how your Web Application handles large volumes of data, and how it impact user perceived performance. You will learn how to mimic user actions and capture browser metrics with a help of Wiremock proxy and WebDriver.

Primarily for: Developers, Tester/test leads

Participant requirements: Laptops with preinstalled software to be provided before workshop.