Injecting and exploring failure into Web Applications with Wiremock.

Bart Szulc

Kasia Balcerzak

Half-day workshop - in English

Today Web Applications continuously communicate with external services to provide users with content, react to actions, notify about changes. This communication can be very brittle, as networks can't be seen as reliable. You need to prepare your Web Application to handle anykind of potential communication failures, react to it in proper way. Is your application prepared for situation when in the middle of submitting a form in connection get lost? Will the user be notified when things to wrong and be given chance to react to that, or will you keep the form in sending state until they refresh page? Want to explore it?

I will be presenting how with a help of proxy, Wiremock, you can inject various failures into your Web Application and see how it behaves. How you can recover after failure, and how you can configure proxy to respect only specific types of issues. You will learn how to find issues with frontend architecture and find potential ways to fix them.

We will also cover implementing automated checks for error network conditions with a help of Wiremock and WebDriver so you never regress in your user experience.

Primarily for: Developers, Tester/test leads

Participant requirements: Laptops with preinstalled software