Testdriving dapr.io

Olve Hansen


Short workshop - in English

Distributed Application Portable Runtime  - Any language, any framework, anywhere

Dapr: An open source, event-driven and portable runtime for building resilient microservices

Confused about service meshes yet? Dapr from Microsoft aims to solve the challenges of migrating existing code to microservices and  scaling and simplifying event-driven architectures.

Dapr tries to be simpler to understand and easier to use than the competition. In this workshop you will build some experience on the technology and get to know how it stacks up against alternatives.

Sounds complicated? It is not!  

Notable features of Dapr are:

  • virtual actors (single active thread, simple concurrency, portable) 
  • event-driven model (register DBs, webhooks or queues as sources for your events)
  • distributed-tracing out of the box (OpenTelemetry compatible)
  • sidecar-pattern (can be deployed as independent services or as containers to encapsulate and isolate the functionality from the application code)
  • SDKs in many languages, including Go, JavaScript, Java, Python and .NET
  • A lot less yaml-shuffling than other solutions like Istio

Primarily for: Developers, Architects, Others

Participant requirements: Bring a laptop, with * docker installed * setup your favorite programming language (prefarably one of Node, Java, .Net but anything will do) * kubernetes development setup (e.g minikube or Docker for Windows with Kubernetes enabled) * ehternet cable adapters if needed (you might need to download some docker images)