How to trust software again

Ju Liu

Short talk - in English

As technology workers we deal every day with abstractions and complexity, but how much do we actually trust software? For example, do we trust electronic voting to be safe? How do we know that the applications that we build don't have an off-by-one error that could have catastrophic consequences? Where is the engineering in software engineering?

In this talk we will explain how we can rebuild trust in the software that we write, using techniques lifted from the functional programming world and smarter compilers that will double check every line of code that we write. We will go through the case study of an application written in Elm with over 700'000 lines of code that serves millions of users every day, and does that with (almost) no runtime exceptions.

By the end of the talk, you will be convinced that you don't need a PhD in computer science to write functional code and what sort of benefits it can bring to your team.