Product Organization and Autonomous Teams - Handling the Complexity at the Heart of Digital Business

Ellen Daleng

Half-day workshop - in English

Organizations developing software are increasingly leaving projects behind and opting for product organization and autonomous teams.  This workshop will explore what it takes for this way of organizing work to succeed: how do you slice and dice your business into suitable "products" that can be handled by autonomous teams, what do you do with dependencies between teams, how do you secure alignment across teams and what about management? What kind of environment is necessary to effectively support the work of autonomous teams?  What challenges will you encounter?  We will facilitate activities and discussions that enable insight into important questions and possible ways of solving them, you will get our hands dirty trying to solve a case and we will provide you with exercises that can be brought home and tried in your own organization. 

Primarily for: Project managers, Architects, Product developers, Managers, Scrum masters, Agile coaches, Designers

Participant requirements: Nothing but curiosity