Lean Startup Toolkit for developers

Øyvind Lillerødvann

Jørund Leknes

Half-day workshop - in English

When developing IT solutions, what's most complicated is often to understand the users. Humans are complicated organisms, and it is difficult to predict how they will react to software, or if they will adopt or pay for a solution. Therefore, it is important to have mechanisms for testing concepts, ideas and solutions with real users as early as possible. Lean startup is a method for product- and business development that adds value by separating good ideas from the bad ones.

A key element in Lean startup is the build-measure-learn feedback cycle. In order to track results, without spending too much resources on development, we build what is referred to as the Minimum Viable Product (MVP). The MVP is then used as a basis for testing on real users and the feedback is used to learn whether we should pivot, perservere or even kill the project.

Lean Startup could be useful not only for startups, but also for well established corporations. But how can we actually make Lean Startup work, as a team? In this workshop we will take a case based dive into some practicals tools that could be helpful for answering a few of the important questions we have to ask ourselves: How do we define what problems to solve? How do we define meaningful goals? How do we develop our hypothesises and experiments (MVPs) in a way that we can learn and then act on the results?

You will be able to try out a few of these tools, working in groups with other participants.

This workshop is intended for developers with limited knowledge of the Lean Startup principles.

Primarily for: Developers

Participant requirements: Deltakerne må ikke ha med seg noe