Gamifying the diagnosis of your agilie team

Torstein Skarra

Short workshop - in English

Thew workshop is about learning to play a simple custom made game designed for diagnosing your team state. Also, the playing generates a concensus on the symptoms, which is a good start for mitigating and improving on problems. Participants will be able to facilitate playing the game in their own teams, and use this as a tool for achieving high performing teams.

Team dynamics evolve from one state to another, and perhaps back again. The team dynamic is relevant for efficiency, motivation, quality, learning and so forth. There are many theories on this, like the theory on "formingstormingnormingperforming" etc suitable for describing, understanding and solving issues. Based on various theories, a pinch of personal experience and some workshops at NAV IT, we have developed a simple game suited for quickly establishing the state your team is in, and in the process also identifying the symptoms and even som underlying problems. 

This game uses a set of cards with symptom descriptions to chose from, and based on the cards one ends up with at the end, you can calculate witch of the states your team has a the strongest bias towards one of the following: "Start-up, Learning, High Perforning, Chaos, Lost"

Primarily for: Project managers, Product developers, Managers, Scrum masters, Agile coaches, Others

Participant requirements: Nothing