Building stable microservices using Consumer Driven Contracts

Henrik Stene

Half-day workshop - in English

Consumer Driven Contracts is a testing paradigm that let API-consumers communicate to the API-providers how they are using their services. This workshop discusses software testing, how and when to use Consumer Driven Contract, and how Consumer Driven Contracts can make developers more confident. We will work hands on with coding examples that show how to implement Consumer Driven Contracts using the Pact framework.

To increase the velocity and reduce the cost of microservices development, it is key to be able to build and deploy new versions with confidence that you don't break any dependencies. Microservices are easy to build and run, but they quickly become a tangled web of dependencies that slow down development and result in broken dependencies. Organizations that transition from a traditional monolithic design to a microservice architecture, will soon realize that it is hard to keep track of all dependencies. Consumer Driven Contracts is a testing paradigm that helps developers keep control on all dependencies in a distributed system and in this workshop we will get hands on with the technology and together discover how we can utilize this technology to gain confidence in our code.

We will spend approximately 80 % of the workshop working directly with code examples. 

Primarily for: Developers, Tester/test leads

Participant requirements: Their laptop with some pre-installed software Docker Java8+ Intellij CE