Sidecars and Serivcemesh

Kamesh Sampath

Short talk - in English

The first generation of microservices was primarily shaped by Netflix OSS and leveraged by numerous Spring Cloud annotations all throughout your business logic. The next generation of microservices will leverage _sidecars and a service mesh_. In this session, we will give you a taste of Envoy and Istio, two open source projects that will change the way you write _Cloud Native, Java Applications on Kubernetes_.

Service Mesh alleviates most of the common distributed computing pain points like smart routing, traffic splitting, canaries etc., In this session, we will explore on how to download, setup Istio on your local laptop, deploy few Java Microservices as part of the Istio Service Mesh with Istio sidecar proxy.

Istio Proxy sidecars will spice up the Cloud Native Applications with the ability in splitting traffic between various version of services, smart routing using request headers, doing chaos engineering and much more but ALL WITHOUT CODE REDEPLOYS.