Effective Serverless and Pipelines - Introduction to Knative and Tekton

Kamesh Sampath


Half-day workshop - in English

The use of Serverless Architectures has become one of the common approach in organizations that wishes to be more effective in DevOps and optimise their IT resources. This adds further flexibility to the next generation of microservices to be more agile i.e. serve on-demand.  https://cloud.google.com/knative helps in running your microservices serverless workloads on Kubernetes and also makes your IT more agile and effective. https://tekton.dev allows you to pipeline your build and deploy of Cloud Native Applications in Kubernetes native way.  Knative and Tekton forms powerful combination of tools that can make an organizations DevOps journey much effective and organized.

Primarily for: Developers, Architects, Product developers

Participant requirements: The audience of this workshop need to be developers/architects having hands-on experience with : - Linux Containers - Kubernetes - Microservices development in any language preferred Java - Basic linux like navigating to directory, listing files etc., All required from them is a machine with latest Google Chrome browser. The audience will execute the instructions in a browser based IDE called Eclipse Che(https://www.eclipse.org/ide/)