Why your organization will be hacked

Johannes Brodwall

Short talk - in English

In November 2017 it was announced that the credit information company Equifax had suffered a data breach and that resulted in the personal data of 143 million americans being extracted by criminals. In 2019, Equifax settled a lawsuit that meant that they would end up paying around $ 500 million in damages and restoration services to the affected persons.

The attack exploited two seemingly simple security weaknesses: A piece of unpatched software with a known vulnerability and a weak administrative password.

Your organization would never make this mistakes, right?

Probably wrong. In this talk, Johannes examines in an understandable way how the attackers got in and how these sort of attacks are carried  and how your organization can defend against them.

Whether you are a manager with no IT background or a hands-on developer you will learn and understand what weaknesses may lurk in your systems today.