Mind the gap

Fr√łydis Hamre

Lightning talk - in English

Outsourcing has been a trend in the IT industry for more than 20 years. Although the trends are changing as to what is outsourced and how, it is still on the rise. In addition, many companies are spread across multiple locations, both nationally and internationally. Modern communication tools like Teams, Skype, Slack and various video conferencing tools make it easier than ever before to work from wherever, whenever.

But a close collaborative team spirit might get lost along the way, and planning a sprint, discussing a tricky bug or getting tips figuring out how to make the design work is not as easy when you are in two different countries as when you are sitting right next to eachother. Different time zones add to the challenge. I want to share how we work in itslearning to stay efficient and reduce the risk of conflicts, and how I think we could get even better...