Conducting Humane Code Reviews

Adrienne Tacke

Short workshop - in English

Code reviews are a must in a proper development workflow, but what happens when performing or receiving one becomes as fun as getting a root canal? Instead of contributing meaningful suggestions, developers often use these reviews as an opportunity to rehash old arguments or show their "superiority".

From personal experience as a software engineer over the past 8 years to the stories my professional network shares, I know that code reviews can be a major pain point for many development teams.

In this workshop, I'll describe the common mistakes we make while performing a code review and how those mistakes can cause unwanted side effects among a team and their codebase. We'll then learn worthwhile solutions to these issues so that they are less likely to occur.

Specifically, we will learn:

- What a Team Working Agreement is and why your team will benefit from one
- How to create your own Team Working Agreement and what belongs in it
- Pragmatic code review goals to strive for
- What to automate in code reviews and what tools to use
- How to distinguish objective vs subjective code review comments
- What to avoid during code reviews
- How to write fair code review comments

By the end of this workshop, developers and their colleagues should be able to conduct code reviews fairly, catch substantiated mistakes, make productive suggestions, and still like each other afterward!

Primarily for: Developers, Architects

Participant requirements: An open mind! A laptop is optional but can be useful for taking notes.