Up and Running With Azure DevOps

Adrienne Tacke

Half-day workshop - in English

Continuous integration, continuous deployment, automated pipelines, oh my! There are so many crucial parts to a solid and scalable software development workflow that it can get overwhelming!

In this talk, I'll work side-by-side with you to create a development workflow that meets modern standards, complete with automated CI/CD pipelines, using Azure DevOps. 

Specifically, we'll learn how to:

- Set up proper source control using Azure repos
- Configure branch policies and explore some best practices for different workflows
- Configure pull request policies and explain how they benefit teams
- Set up a build pipeline using Azure Pipelines
- Set up a release pipeline using Azure Pipelines
- Automate builds and releases based on custom policies
- Add pre- and post-deployment conditions
- Explore multi-stage, blue-green, and canary deployments

Whether you are starting from scratch or want to migrate existing projects to an automated workflow, this talk will leave you and your team equipped with the best practices to create, build, and deploy apps in a reliable, fast, and automated way!

Primarily for: Developers, Architects, Others

Participant requirements: A laptop and desire to learn. Familiarity with Azure. General understanding of the software development lifecycle. Also, having an Azure account already set up is preferred so that no time is wasted getting attendees configured on Azure. The free trial subscription will work for this workshop so attendees don't need to worry about having a paid subscription. Having it set up prior to the workshop is still beneficial though!