Hyperkatt: a hypermedia-driven programming language

Einar Høst

Lightning talk - in English

In this talk I'll show you Hyperkatt, a hypermedia-driven concatenative programming language that uses the URL as a stack. Hyperkatt is obviously a bad idea, but sometimes bad ideas can lead to useful insights! Taking inspiration from particle physics, we can smash two ideas with different properties together and observe what happens. On the language side, we'll learn the fundamentals of implementing a programming language, how stack-based programming languages work, how we might go about doing simple type-checking and so forth. On the hypermedia side we'll see what it means to use hypermedia as the engine of application state - in the case of Hyperkatt, to drive both the construction and evaluation of expressions. A nice and rather unique property of Hyperkatt is that it turns any HTTP client, like curl, Postman or your favorite browser, into a REPL.