A telemetry library for mobile applications: Glean

Jan-Erik Rediger

Short talk - in English

When a new version of the Firefox browser for Android shipped in June 2019, it was also the official launch of Glean, a new mobile product analytics & telemetry solution true to Mozilla's values. 
Since that first application, we shipped it in a couple more Android applications, made it cross-platform to also ship on iOS and are now working on bringing it back to desktop plaforms.

But what even is a "product analytics & telemetry solution"?
What data do we collect and what questions do we answer with it?
And why was a new library needed?

This talk lays out the design principles of Glean, how we managed to build it for multiple platforms at once,
and how our lean data practices helped us shape a solution that might even work for you.

And as a sidenote: Rust plays a big role for the cross-platform approach.