AI Assisted Test Generation for DevOps Teams

Asaf Saar

Short workshop - in English

DevOps teams have been burdened with Test Automation design, implementation, maintained and execution for decades, this in addition to the tedious effort involved in the boring task of Manual Testing.
With recent advances in AI and Deep Learning, we can use techniques pioneered by AI researchers to generate automated test cases intelligently and also use AI surrogate, a TestBot, to address the Continuous Testing pipeline from a new perspective… just like the chatbot is innovating the call center communications.

Use Cases for AI Assisted Test Authoring
- Assist customers in facilitating the creation of test suites
- Executes functional and visual test with high coverage
- Explore the common usage-patterns of the application
- Executes sanity exploratory test on every pull request
- Crawl the application and provide an overview and insights of errors and crashes found

In this workshop we will discuss the challenges of Test Automation and practice, hands-on!, how AI Assisted Test Authoring solutions dramtically assit DevOps team towards success.

Primarily for: Developers, Tester/test leads, Project managers, Architects, Product developers, Managers

Participant requirements: Any laptop with Chrome browser.