Turn your useless users to enthusiastic evangelists

Atle Prange

Half-day workshop - in English

Get popular!

In this workshop we learn to see our work from the user's perspective. We will be better at identifying the different types of consumers who depend on us, and how we can turn them from "useless users" to evangelists for our technical masterpiece. (Hint: we have to turn around;))

We first go through a small intro about what "design" is and uncover the various design disciplines and how they meet us in our work as developers.

Then we will collectively take on a project - preferably one that you are working on - and then with different tools create the best backlog you have ever seen.

This becomes a post-it bonanza completely without a keyboard and screen, and can lead to braincramps.

Primarily for: Developers, Tester/test leads, Project managers, Architects, Security professionals, Product developers, Managers, Scrum masters, Agile coaches, Others

Participant requirements: