Innovation does not need to rely on luck

Magnus Tovsen Solheim

Short talk - in English

9 out of 10 startups fail. The reason is that people still look at innovation as something that inherently needs to include luck. But it does not. Harvard Business School professor, Clayton Christensen, the man who coined the term «disruptive innovation», has spent the last 20 years of his life trying to understand what makes people buy products. He has come to the realization that "people don’t just buy products or services. They "hire" them to do «jobs» that arise in their lives.». And when you know the job, you can actually identify the metrics that the customer uses to evaluate whether the product is successful or not, which means you no longer need to rely on luck when creating new products.

Despite its game changing potential, I have discovered that surprisingly few people know what «jobs to be done» really is about. So, i want to give an introduction on it as well as share how it has changed how I develop new digital products at TV 2. So far I have held the presentation three times at TV 2, and got comments like: «this has totally changed the way I go about my work» «best thing I’ve heard in years». Hopefully, you’ll have the same experience!