Bring Your Own Seat to the Table: Creating a Culture of Experience

Andy Vitale

Half-day workshop - in English

More than ever before, the role of the user has changed from isolated to connected, from unaware to informed, from passive to active.
Learning how to design with users, instead of for them, can be an entire cultural shift for some organizations—many of which don’t have design embedded in their culture. So design needs to claim their own seat at the decision-making table.
Creating a design culture means having leaders in place who understand and appreciate the value design adds, and who have invested financially and philosophically in design. Design must connect with others, many outside of design, to influence them and gain alignment on advancing outcomes that solve meaningful problems.
In this session, led by SunTrust Bank’s Head of User Experience Design Andy Vitale, you learn how to get a seat at the table by understanding how design is positioned at your workplace, measuring and articulating the impact of design, and integrating design culture into your organization.
Attendees will learn to:
• Identify the level of design maturity and culture within your organization
• Learn what it takes to gain a seat at the table—and more importantly how to keep that seat
• Understand the value of a mature design culture and how to keep building it
• Communicate design results in ways that matter to stakeholders
• Use design tools and principles to align processes and create a measurable strategy that influences and evolves organizational culture

Primarily for: UX specialists, Managers, Designers

Participant requirements: Paper