Ego-less Programming: the philosophy of better code

Piotr Gaczkowski

Short talk - in English

Throughout my career in software development, I've observed many teams struggle with development even though they had top-notch talent on board. Even worse, sometimes the most talented teams had the greatest struggle.

Then one day, I found wisdom in a place I had not thought to look: a philosophy book. After some research and consideration, I learned that many root causes fall into the same category: ego issues.

In this talk, I will share what philosophers can teach programmers about setting aside the ego. I'll cover:

  • How ego can lead to unusable APIs.
  • Who owns the code and who should be considered its author.
  • What philosophy teaches about ego.
  • Whether formal processes help or hinder our efforts.
  • How DevOps makes it easier to drop the ego.
  • What tools can we use to facilitate better teamwork and write better code.