Exploring fishing sustainability with Java and Copernicus satellite data innovative applications

Isaac Durá

Half-day workshop - in English

It was more than a decade ago that several space agencies like ESA or NASA were proposing the dissemination of satellite data for benefiting society, like for example marine data to help scientists to predicts future fish stocks behavior or generate new commercial solutions. In their mission to inspire, and facilitate the use of space technology, systems and know-how for non-space applications.

HeraSpace locates the most promising and sustainable fishing grounds, optimizing operative budgets while reducing environmental impacts. The system supports healthy food production, income, employment, and sustainable fishing.


The combination of Eclipse, Java, Swing, REST, and Python offers an excellent web-based environment to build interfaces and backend services integrating neural networks feeded by space and non-space data. Particularly Spring Boot with REST and Python allows an agile and fluent interaction with near-real time space data giving developers and CTOs a possibility of release solutions which were unbelievable just a few years ago.

Primarily for: Developers, Architects, Product developers, Others

Participant requirements: Their own laptops.