Neural Networks from Low to High with TensorFlow 2

Oliver Zeigermann

Half-day workshop - in English

In this workshop you can learn how Neural Networks work from first principles, but still without most of the maths. We will implement linear regression from scratch using the TensorFlow  low level API and then work our way up to the high level Keras API.
By looking at regression and classification we will cover the two main types of supervised machine learning. There will be plenty of exercises running on Googles Colab service that only requires a modern browser (Chrome preferred) and a Google account to follow.
We will use Python as our programming language, but since this is closer to scripting than actual development you need no knowledge of Python as a prerequisite, but only basic knowledge of any object oriented programming language.

Primarily for: Developers, Architects

Participant requirements: Laptop with a recent version of Google Chrome and a Google account (needed for Colab notebooks)